border: 1px solid; on october 14,2009 come bring out your rides (Photo by David Crane/Los Angeles Daily News-SCNG, Bill Greene first cruised Van Nuys Blvd in the 60s in his very first car, a 1956 two-door Ford station wagon. Copyright 2014 - All Rights Reserved my Van Nuys negatives have now been digitally scanned and electronically Next really noticeable change in trends in fashion, started around 1980/81. To celebratewhat would have been Arman Jerejians 22nd birthday, Individuals CC and Armans foundation, Young Legend, orchestrated a cruise to celebrate his life and there was no better name way to name it than by calling it, A Legendary Cruise Night. The evening produced a strong showing of the finest lowriders as well as a small, but significant showing of exotics. A similar scene has played out in some form in Van Nuys, where the history of cruising is just as rich. Maybe if people actually patronized them that Published by westcoastbodyandpaint -->, , . Had a blast. border: 1px solid; of photography in the Art Department of California State University at 7 cruise lines where you dont have to dress up for dinner. Some LA County Board of Supervisors propose expanding the board, Some California cities cant stop apartment projects as developers use builders remedy, Longshore union, shippers offer rate update on labor talks, Southern California home sales fall to all-time low, DA Gascn suspends attorney who prosecuted transgender child molester, Southern Californias mountain towns remain buried under snow with more on the way, Reports: Kings trade Quick to Blue Jackets, acquire Korpisalo, Gavrikov, Killer keto? .table_d2e180 { Please You could pick a used car to fit your personality. Few delve deep into engine swaps and even fewer bother getting them running right. width: 100%; I hope you enjoy my experiences off the beaten path and can use some of the info Ive provided along the way! Bobs Drive-In, then making a quick right turn on Magnolia followed by they are not at all bothered by it. -->, Support the Local Merchants and the LAPD. } . At the time, the cruise was taking place on a fat. Some of these images were exhibited at the Cal State Northridge Art Department Gallery in 1973, but most were not presented publicly until recent years with the publication of my book, Van Nuys Boulevard 1972, in addition to showcases at the Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, California, and in print and online media. I do agree that mandatory scrapping of vintage engines is a very bad thing indeed . For the past 25 years cars have been too boring to be part of the party and the youngest generations have lost interest. It is one of three areas that comprise the Platinum Triangle (the other two are Beverly Hills and Bel Air). .table_d2e98 { Find popular and cheap hotels near San Fernando Valley Mini Maker Faire in Van Nuys with real guest reviews and ratings. . Cruising was back, big-time! on the left. True that. No! I deliberately worked at getting people to look directly at my camera before I took the shot. For a moment I thought the gas prices of the Mobil station were in a different currency 32 cents a gallon! Thats what I hear when I see these photos. Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s, By Rick Mack rarely had over 1/2 tank . Remember to cruise cool!! discovering the Golden State one experience at a time. } to the boulevard cruising scene: It was the turn-around for cruisers who border: 1px solid; Van Nuys, CA 91407-3118 [email protected] Subscribe to our agendas on city notification system. Look at this mans personal collection in Colorado, just outstanding. Then and especially now. var abkw = window.abkw || ''; width: 100%; To Cruising Among the clubs in attendance were Ruthless Ryderz, Majestics, Primeros, and Westside, to name a few. Corky's, . Since the car is a four door, Gardado put the Uber sticker on the window; However, since the car is older than 2000, he cant use it to pick up riders. Hypermiling before it was a thing, I made it home with $10. .table_d2e127 td { A situation that would soon I could fill the tank and eat for a $5 bill, drive almost all night long and still make it to school then work the next day . Hugo Guardado sat in a camping chair next to his 1957 Ford Fairlane. (Photo by David Crane/Los Angeles Daily News-SCNG, Vintage cars and trucks are stacked up along Van Nuys Blvd every 3rd Wednesday of the month. would changeWhat a concept! Onlookers . at them before I took the shot. You could be right, but I cant remember! Very cool. Mostly we would run the Sunset Strip, but cruising with the door windows down (rears were fixed) and the radio blasting was the thing to do. } a second floor, kind of like a mezzanine with two bedrooms and a bath, Endeavor to discover something new everyday, no matter how big or small. Gas here was 48c in 1973 it went up dramatically from there it hit $1 a few weeks after I bought a 6 cylinder car now its around $2.50 per litre 1/4 of a gallon and thats for el cheapo 91 octane 95 or 98 are more, alley and Magnolia Boulevard about two-hundred feet to the north. What night is cruise night on Van Nuys Boulevard? Yeah, People copied the successful customs, making them ironically LESS custom ?. You could go cruising in any one of those vehicles (except the camper) and still be seen as having a current, popular and competitive ride. If you want to get on her bright side, she loves a perfect cup of matcha latte. of that alley. I was going to say, having done some home-brew film photography and printing myself: Night photography this good took real skill given what was available in 1972. border-color: #000000; January 28, 2023 94 comments. Oh, and the girl framed in the Goodyear tire? - See Flyer for Time: 2nd Sat. Several dozens cars showed up at the event in its biggest turnout since August. Activity on the boulevards across the USA spiked markedly Van Nuys (Cruise Night) Lyrics Down in the valley something stirs You don't need no Jaguar or Thunderbird Get down under the valley skies And go cruising on Van Nuys It's Van Nuys. border: 1px solid; Friking awesome pics. We have got 40,000 cities covered worldwide, Discover Online Events - Attend from anywhere , Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza - Colorado Springs University Village, Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (Tyler, TX), US-64, Clarksville, AR 72830, United States, Denny's (131 Papermill Rd., Bloomsburg, PA), 2001 Hope Ct, Rapid City, SD 57702, United States, Sonic Drive-In (1014 W. Fort Scott Street, Butler, MO), Handy Man Home Remodeling Center (Sioux Falls, SD), Class Act Auto Wash Featuring Premier Pet Wash, Advance Auto Parts (11220 Highway 49, Gulfport, MS), 1307 N Green St, McHenry, IL 60050-4460, United States, 11421 AR-27, Hector, AR 72843-9102, United States, Taco John's (7910 S 6th St, Wellington, CO), Happy Holi - (Biggest Holi Celebration) @ Khushboo Farms Balaghat Road Gondia, Sunburn Arena Ft. Martin Garrix - Delhi NCR, Jashn E Rang Mumbai's Biggest Holi Music Fest, RANG MELA la tomatina holi festival by AARAMBH ADVENTURES, Jeck im Sunnesching 2023 - Das Festival in Kln, You're Invited! Van Nuys Blvd! A few interesting things that stand out to me. Occasionally, I got lucky when everyone And the writer actually pointed out the (now classic) 53 Studebaker as an example of the ugly new Generation! Ill bet that gravity and time have not been kind to those honeybuns. I sold Sunoco 190 for 24 cents a gallon, and 260 for about 35. Photographs From The Summer of 1972. Its where builders and customizers showcase their custom builds and a destination point where spectators can sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds. From Van Nuys to Whittier, Crenshaw to Laurel Canyon, the scene is alive and well, and if you love custom cars then the right night on any of those Blvds could change your life. One those who has become a regular is Jairo Morales. Wednesday Night was girls night, or club night, Friday was Cruise Night, and Saturday Night was date night which was the night you cruised with your girl. Gas pumps and the assorted signage on them and around the rest of the station have been designed so that an ownership change is cheap to do. Some guests like to go all out with a tuxedo or ball gown. This isnt just a good ol days rant either, quality car customization is, and always has been, few and far between. Perhaps it was more akin to shooting pictures Despite its urban surroundings, Holmby Hills sports massive estates that contain 10,000+ square foot mansions. Required fields are marked *. easy step to assign myself the task of capturing what I could of the essence . border: 1px solid; } The darkest days of Vietnam were then Van Nuys Airport on December 03, 2016 in Van Nuys, California. 12 personas estn hablando de esto. Magnolia, But they all moved to other places. 14 Valley Girl Insults From The 1980s We Should Like, Totally. (first posted 1/28/2017) CC reader Michael M. sent me a link to a gallery of photos shot on Van Nuys Blvd. Regulations here prevent the engine swaps of old and with good reason, these days you have to engineer your hotrod safely to use it in traffic, but the young generation still persist in hotting up their cars, not cars Im interested in but they love em and can select from a huge range of JDM cars and hotup options delivered to their door, we had to hunt wrecking yards and try to find what we needed to keep some old death trap going faster than its maker intended. And, did I mention, Not only could we hear the young peoples cars cruising on the boulevard, when we bought the house, this particular alley was absolutely critical Then no-cruising laws came in with Ford and Carter. 8244 Orion Ave, Van Nuys, CA, 91406 Fully refundable Lowest nightly price found within the past 24 hours based on a 1 night stay for 2 adults. Valleyspeak. Cruising had flourished for nearly two decades on Van Nuys Boulevard and on countless other streets and avenues in cities and towns across America, but in 1972 there was a visible resurgence in this youthful evening pastime. Remember to cruise This vibrant collection of cars is accompanied by an equally vibrant collection of people, all of whom have gathered to showoff and appreciate the legacy of car culture that is so uniquely apart of this citys fabric. These pics could have been taken as late as 1978 or 1979. Cool to see elements of what many would consider to be the early days of the Lowrider scene here. on the boulevard at night was there to see and be seen, and this made In 1981 I went to California for a work convention and, since it was our first trip there, decided to take an extra week to take in the sights and visit my uncle in Bakersfield. How to Pronounce Van Nuys, California? As with most accents, the vowels are what really set Californians apart. . Moreno Valley - Cruise Night & Fundraiser @ R Burgers 23750 Alessandro Blvd. On Saturday, April 17,. Cruising of this type does not happen anymore. The lot served as both an easy turn-around to cruise back north on Van Nuys, and as a good place to park, show off your ride, and just hang out for a time with your friends. Most products today are soulless. The event welcomes owners and admirers alike with car club members more than happy to talk to you about their particular ride, indulging anyone who wants a photo op. While we did see a Plymouth or two, a Dodge Daytona, and a ham sangwich at the Four 'N 20 Grill & Bakery, we did not experience any negative waves whatsoever at this cruise night back in April. border-color: #000000; FARM STRONG - Robert Gallery and his 1960 Ford F250 Crew Cab, 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Go Mango Goodness. A lot of hard work was put into it to be sitting at home.. Of course, you realize that all those hot chicks are grandmothers now. Location: Van Nuys Boulevard. border: 1px solid; grabbed on Friday and Saturday nights. 57930 Hwy. So there will be even more Mopars. And the typical American cars got terrible mileage, so fueling a car back then was significantly more expensive than today. I come here to show off my car. Get bored with one, head to another one. Most dont get past fart cans, hot air intakes, wings, spray bombing the interior, bolting on some cheesy eBay HID LED light housings, and maybe some Chinese Enkie wheel knockoffs before moving onto a newer faster car after realizing they ruined their last one. border-color: #000000; That year I was driving a 61 Buick former airport limo in the mountains of Colorado. And the people! Exact blocks on Van Nuys Blvd may vary each Cruise Night. Hollywood in 1957. block, the entire length of the treed block along the boulevard directly Cruising had flourished for nearly two decades on Van Nuys Boulevard, (Photo by David Crane/Los Angeles Daily News-SCNG, Vintage cars and trucks line Van Nuys Blvd on Wednesday cruise night in Van Nuys. concentrate on composition and on timing. The odds are quite good that some of his music was playing over the car radios or on 8 track tape as these were taken. my step-dad went to the city and demanded that they put a barrier at the Me and my friends, by the way, would have been the 4 dudes stuffed into the VW in the picture above the one with the girl and the tire. My father had a 56 DeSoto back when gas was 25 a gallon. It would be interesting to see where everyone is at now. Some probably still do this today, but Bobs is long gone, a Plus being in L.A. there were numerous different places to cruise! Special Update!!! These pictures brought back some fun memories. The process is fairly random, with invitees ranging from first-time cruisers to VIPs. My wife and I made a few passes up and down the strip and even checked out a speed shop that was located there. border-color: #000000; Tonight in Jungleland Green began cruising Van Nuys Boulevard in the 1960s after he snagged his drivers license and purchased his first car. Since he looks at least half a generation older than the people in the other pics Im leaning to the latter. So many customs, low riders, hot rods and muscle car customs look the same. The good old days vs reality! Fill the VWs tank for 3 bucks and cruise all weekend with enough gas left over for getting to work and school the following week. Ah, those were the days, it was REAL freedom. I had a black 57 Bel Air with Hawaiian plates. Well, to put the all-night dusty donuts and racing engines to an end, Overview Plans and pricing Premium Access Assignments. Years before I moved there. Copyright 2022 Goodguys Rod & Custom, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Yes; me too. } At a $1.87 that works out to 46 cents an litre. with our back property line, our short driveway and garage angled off Cool pics, my Firebird was assembled at the Van Nuys plant in late 1991 and was then shipped to the old continent. Wednesday night was always cruise night on Van Nuys Boulevard. Cruise night or no the pics are incredible, like something out of a movie. (first posted 1/28/2017) CC reader Michael M. sent me a link to a gallery of photos shot on Van Nuys Blvd. Fortunately, The ritzy, private enclave is set in a remote stretch of hillside between Brentwood and Beverly Hills just north of Westwood. Our club is going to try to go out in force next August 12th. This was the dreaded Valley to those of us at the beach, but we all knew about cruising Van Nuys! Best cruise night in 20 years. it was remarkably easy to feel right at home again on the street. var plc439655 = window.plc439655 || 0; .table_d2e165 { THERE'S GONNA BE A CRUISE NIGHT IN THE CITY OF VAN NUYS ON VAN NUYS BLVD AN BURBANK' THERE WAS A ESTIMATED 500 CARS LAST MONTH' IT WILL BE HELD EVERY 2ND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH' COME EARLY BECAUSE PARKING GETS TAKEN FAST' ALSO A REMINDER DURING THE THREE WEEKS WILL BE POSTED ON TACO'S MEXICO IN. border: 1px solid; Ask the lawyer, Is five enough? I lived through the era and watched, while driving my 1973 Dodge Dart Custom sedan and 1978 Dodge Aspen station wagon (loaded) but certainly not cool. document.write(''); Get the Fuel Curve Insider and get the top posts delivered to your inbox each week. So many cars, so many happy CA night kids. came out and blocked the end of the alley. Please see their facebook page for current dates and times. Rise & Shine Breakfast - A Morning of Inspiration, Service, and Celebration, Full Moon Grounding Fire Ceremony and Sound Bath, Better Body Better Life Ladies` Breakfast Meeting, The Return of La Palomas Hot Wednesdays Series, Creative Thinking Workshop / For Individulals &Teams. Ive just spent the past hour scrolling through an album on his photography site: Scroll down there to click on one of the gallery photos and youll get launched into an album of 180-some pictures, and a real 1972 rabbit hole. View our inventory of Used Lexus NX for sale at Galpin Mazda. - Posted on January 28, 2023. Along the way, she picked up awards from the Los Angeles Press Club and Society of Professional Journalists. I love how people wait breathlessly for the newest cellphone and make ridiculous unboxing videos as if were going to see something AWESOME.., No its a black rectangle. Also the girls leaning on the Mustang in the white shorts: thats a religious experience. 18 years of age during the previous half-dozen tumultuous years. Many of my images were made at the southern end of Van Nuys Boulevard in the parking lot shared by Hughes Market, Nahas Department Store, and an L-shaped strip mall with a Baskin-Robbins at one end, and June Ellens Donuts at the other. during the late spring of 1972. 6 talking about this. good times. These photos and fine memories are what are left. Most specialty restaurants also require a semi-formal dress code. In the summer of 1972, 26-year-old San Fernando valley native Rick McCloskey was photographing life on SoCal's Van Nuys Boulevard, looking on as the bright young things cruised in cars and hung out. And without the worry United States. I drove a 64 GTO and switched to a 68 Falcon a year later. Assuming theyre still alive, of course. The VNCA is not affiliated but we wish the new promoters the best of luck. see them through the walnut trees if I looked. Van Nuys Blvd, paved by Isaac Van Nuys in the early 1920's over farm land. Next Page. But the cruise scene has seen its low points. Back then in NY we still had fun street racing on Francis Lewis Blvd with our GTOs,SS 396, Mustangs and the like. Among other things the government set the ticket prices. This was before I was born. Apr 4, 2013 - This last June Cruise Night returned to Van Nuys Blvd. at a large sporting event where everyone expects to be on camera and Great shots, though, every single one of them, thanks for posting them. Men can wear suits or dress slacks with a sport coat and dress shirt. Putting the "Cruise" After the heavy cruising crackdowns in the 1980s and '90s, locals began reviving the cruise night around 2009. Corky's, 5043 Van Nuys Blvd no longer welcomes cruisers to come park and hang out. -->,